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First Offer $500.00
Auction Started Feb 11, 2011 8:00:14 PM MST
Auction Ended Feb 23, 2011 2:00:00 PM MST
Seller Amarillo College
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Amarillo College    [Map It]
6222 West 9th Avenue
Amarillo, TX  791106
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Midwest panoral panoramic upright x-ray machine. Model A2.

Auction Payment and Pick Up Procedure

Amarillo College appreciates your participation in our auction. Listed below are the instructions for payment and pick up.

Please contact Janie Roach (806)371-5114 or Tom Sanders, Fixed Asset Control Specialist (806) 371-5198 to make pickup arrangements. Thursday is preferable.

Public Surplus collects ALL payments for Amarillo College. To pay with a credit card please follow the instructions below. The credit card limit per transaction is $4,000.00. For payments larger than this amount follow the instructions listed under Wire Transfers.

Credit Cards:
Login to the Public Surplus site. Click on "My Stuff" and then click on "Past Bids". Click on the description of the auction and then click on "Pay Online" link located on the right hand side of the screen. Follow the steps to complete the transaction. A receipt will be emailed to you once the payment has cleared.

Pick Up Procedures
Public Surplus will notify you upon receipt of payment. You may then contact the responsible party listed for that item and arrange for a mutually convenient pick up time. Be sure to bring the "Notice of Award" with the "Paid Receipt" and personal identification such as a Drivers License or DMV ID to the pick up location. The person releasing the item will require you to show all three documents. You will need to bring these forms of ID with you or the auction item(s) will not be released to you.

NOTE: The successful bidder will be required to remit payment within five (5) business days and remove the property within ten (10) business days from the date of Notice of Award unless special arrangements have been made

Sales Tax
8.25% sales tax will be added to the amount due unless the buyer has provided a valid tax-exempt certificate to Amarillo College prior to payment.

Partial Payments
There will be NO partial payments of an auction allowed. All auctions must be paid in full per payment process used per auction. For Example: You WILL NOT be able to pay partially for an auction by Credit Card and pay the remainder by another payment method such as a wire transfer.

Wire Transfers:
For payments over $4,000.00 a Wire Transfer is required. NO CASH, CHECKS, OR MONEY ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED! If you need to do a wire transfer please email support at asking for wire instructions or request the instructions via live chat. These instructions will be emailed to you. Please follow them exactly to allow for prompt payment.

If you are picking up an item for someone else, you will need all of the items listed in Pick up procedures (photo copies are acceptable) plus a note from the designated "winning bidder" specifically naming you as their authorized representative, along with your own ID.

Condition:  UNKNOWN
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Public Processing, LLC handles all payments for Amarillo College. Payment for an awarded item must be received within 5 business days of close of auction.

Amarillo College sales tax of 8.25% shall be added to all purchases made. The buyer shall add and include the sales tax amount when making payment.

Buyers Premium: A 3% Buyer Premium shall be added to the final sale price with a $1 minimum charge per auction to collect payment.

All sales are final. Public Surplus will notify buyer of receipt of payment via email. Buyer must remove auction item(s) from said agencies premises within 10 business days of notification by Public Surplus of receipt of payment. The payment receipt must be presented at the time of pick up or the said agency will not release the item to you.

Bid Deposits: Amarillo College may require bid deposits to ensure fairness and equity to all buyers as a way to decrease default bidding.

Amarillo College reserves the right to withdraw any items being offered. No service of any kind will be furnished by Amarillo College, and the successful bidder shall assume any cost of weighing, packaging, crating, loading or hauling, unless otherwise indicated. No refunds or adjustments will be made on any award(s).

Any items not paid for or picked up by the designated dates may be resold at Amarillo College's discretion.

Pick-up hours are by appointment only.
  • #528302 - 1211-1-- Midwest Panoral x-ray machine
  • #528302 - 1211-1-- Midwest Panoral x-ray machine
  • #528302 - 1211-1-- Midwest Panoral x-ray machine
  • #528302 - 1211-1-- Midwest Panoral x-ray machine
  • #528302 - 1211-1-- Midwest Panoral x-ray machine
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